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The Las Vegas Celtic Society concept was born in September, 2003, at a meeting of concerned people with varying ties to the Celtic Community. From that initial meeting forming the core concept, several other meetings were held in which a new organization was formed to produce and host a Highland Games event in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration of the City of Las Vegas.

The new organization adopted the name “Las Vegas Celtic Society” as this most closely expressed the position of the new group that ALL Celts would be welcomed and represented at the Games. It was decided that this new entity would be a non-profit, non-membership organization, led by officer/directors. A slight reorganization was held to resolve a conflict and the new officers started the business of producing an event. The current Board is comprised of:

President - Brian Towers

Secretary - Bart D'Angelo

Treasurer - Tori Bullock

Our first event in 2005 was in conjunction with the City’s Centennial Celebration, the Las Vegas Celtic Society wanted to do something unusual for its first Games. This continues to be the tone for the “Vegas Games”, something bigger, something better, something unusual. A traditional games with some Vegas Style.

We welcome assistance and participation from those with an interest in the Celtic community. We offer a chance to become involved on several levels. We have designed participation to be enjoyable, without the headaches of so few doing so much. We also invite those who prefer to offer moral support. A Highland Games event is something to be experienced, no matter what the level of involvement.



Meet The Board of Directors


Brian relocated to Las Vegas valley in 2003. He has been involved with the Las Vegas Celtic Society for 5 years. He was elected to the board of directors 3 years ago. He comes to our board with 30 plus years of experience in events, concerts and festivals. He owns  BT Artists & Entertainment, a company that handles the careers of entertainers and worldwide musical artists.

I love this festival and really have enjoyed doing my part to help make it grow every year. I look forward to seeing you out at the Las Vegas Celtic Gathering and Highland Games!




Brian Towers - 


Tori Bullock is a longtime Nevadan of Scottish and Irish ancestry.  She is the Treasurer of the Las Vegas Celtic Society and is a graduate of Rancho High School and UNLV.  She is the owner/manager of Bullock Appraisal & Consulting and has been a commercial real estate appraiser in Nevada since 1997.

Tori's association with the Highland Games began with the 2005 games where she and her husband, Angus MacEachern (MacDonald of the Isles clan) began volunteering by organizing volunteers and running the admissions gate.  That association has lead to intense involvement in the Games for most of her family including children, siblings, nieces and nephews and even her great-nephew. 

Joshua MacEachern, her younger son, is a bagpiper who is a busy college student at UNR but makes time to come home to Vegas for the Games weekend to help out.  Her older son, Chris Bullock, has also been a volunteer since 2005.  Tori looks forward to the gradual expansion of the local games into a signature event for the southwest in the coming years.  She urges anyone interested in volunteering to just jump in and be welcomed by all.


Tori Bullock  - Treasurer


Greetings! I am Bart D'Angelo, and I am the Athletic Director in charge of the Games Events for the LVCS. I was appointed to the Board in early 2012 after being a participating volunteer for the past 6 years or so. All of us, even the Board members are volunteers...doing this wonderful, yearly event not for money, fame or other personal reason. No...we do this because we truly believe in sharing our Celtic heritage ( no matter how far removed it may be! ) and also out of the shear JOY of knowing that we are providing a World Class Event for the Las Vegas community in which we all (the volunteers) reside in! 

Originally from Detroit, Michigan...I have become a Las Vegas resident now for over 20 years. Having worked in the law enforcement field, I have been exposed to a variety of events in and around the entertainment circles here in the Las Vegas area, but I can honestly say that the Las Vegas Highland Games and Celtic Gathering has got to be one of the top attractions, and must-sees that everybody should attend! My job is to make sure that YOU, the guest, get the BEST authentic Highland Competitions for your money!     I look forward to not only working hard as your Board member and volunteer, but more importantly to bringing you the highest quality Scottish Highland Competitions to our annual April event. Thank you for your patronage and continued support! 

Secretary - Bart D'Angelo




The mission of the Las Vegas Celtic Society is to support and promote:

•  Family - Clan - Community - all things Celtic.

•  Celebrating our rich Celtic heritage.

•  Insuring the culture and history of our ancestors is passed on to our children and future generations.

•  An appreciation for the diverse traditions and beauty of the birthplace of our ancestors.

•  Keeping alive the spirit of the Highland Games and Celtic Gathering.

•  Celebrating life and having fun. 



The Las Vegas Celtic Society has undertaken the task of producing a tradition of Highland Games events in Southern Nevada that have a true Celtic feeling and embrace the Celtic culture and society. The vision is to host a Games event that has the extra flair that Las Vegas is known for and to bring the Celtic culture to the Las Vegas community through demonstration and education. Beginning with the 2005 Games event, in conjunction with the Las Vegas Centennial Celebration, the Las Vegas Celtic Society turned that vision into a reality. We expect this tradition of outstanding competitions and exciting entertainment will continue long into the next century.

The goal of the Las Vegas Celtic Society is to establish a Highland Games event that will continue long into the future in Las Vegas. And, through this event, promote the Celtic culture to Las Vegas residents and visitors. To have a legacy of a first-class event that brings dignity and respect to the Las Vegas Celtic Community.

An undertaking such as this needs your support, ideas, and volunteers to make it happen. Please contact us if you want to join the fun and be a part of this exciting endeavor. We appreciate your suggestions and invite your participation no matter how great or small!

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